Welcome to Open Ocean Swimming


Open ocean swimming gives you the freedom to explore, to swim at your own pace, to get expert guidance on swimming techniques and safety, and to enjoy swimming’s social side. Get away from busy beaches, boats, and bustle. Train from a new perspective. Meet like-minded swimmers from all over the world. Eat well and recover properly ready for the next session!  We are a open water swimmer/coach and surfer and a strength and conditioning trainer constantly looking for the best way to train for maximum gains in and out of the water whichever way you choose to use the ocean.

Sessions begin with instruction on technique and advice for open-water swimming with qualified teachers. Then you take to the sea for an invigorating swim to stretch, breathe and warm up, taking you past rugged cliffs and the tree-clad coastline. Enjoy the solitude and specific training focus of open ocean swim private sessions or book with or join a group session to push yourself in race conditions.

We provide dry land exercises that will prepare your body for a full workout to your maximum output and can provide nutrition advice and meal plans for event training and recovery.

An un-missible experience for any ocean swimmer that combines fun, nature, and maximum training gains!

Book at openoceanibiza@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Thanks Tom for teaching me so much in just a few lessons. You are a terrific teacher!! I feel much more confident about swimming in my first marathon.

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